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About Fruwe Limited

Hello and Welcome to Fruwe Limited.

Hello, my name is Christian-Manuel Butzke, the CEO of Fruwe Limited, and I would like to Welcome you to Fruwe Limited.

Fruwe Limited is a small Global Offsite Software Consulting Company, located in the multi-cultural heart of Hong Kong.

Our goal is to develop value, value to our honored clients, value to their customers, and maybe even to you, Dear Reader.

In our current difficult economy, good and reliable software are a must, and time lines need to be met. That is why we use for our Web Applications Ruby On Rails. Beside, Ruby On Rails is just fun to program with, and that is important as well, isn’t it?

About myself

Christian-Manuel Butzke

I am currently living in Kyoto, Japan, since 2002 and enjoy the flavors of the Far East, strange chinese characters, great food and friendly people… and… the usual character encoding problems (he he) Eureka, UTF-8, Eureka

Although I started programming already at the age of seven, my actual professional carrier started around ten or so years ago, back in Berlin, Germany. At that time it was mostly Desktop Application Development and thus in some kind of prehistoric Visual C++ (not the MS one) or sometimes Visual Basic etc.

Since I came to Japan, I started working as a Software and Hardware Engineer for some time, after which I changed to a not too small, but very nice company, in which I did the CTO/Lead Developer (in smaller companies the difference is anyway near to non-existing) for quite some time. Although we used the first couple of years mainly Java and Flash for Web Applications, our path took a turn with the appearance of Ruby On Rails. Coming from Java with Hibernate, in-code SQL, custom build web frameworks and all the other everyday joys at that time, I personally was very impressed with Ruby On Rails, and I am sure many others as well.

Anyway, after that, I started out as an Independent Offsite Ruby On Rails Consultant, with international clientele, mainly in the United States Of America.
In February 2009 I founded Fruwe Limited, in order to give even better support to my clients as well as creating a couple of online e-commerce sites.

Contact Us

Please, feel free to Contact Us, if you have any questions.

Thanks for Visiting,
Christian-Manuel Butzke
Fruwe LimitedCTO