Can you do Tile Engines in Actionscript?? Let’s see…

Here is a small demo game, I created in a week or two a couple of years ago.


First you will probably have to click once on the flash file above, as when the page loads, the focus will be in the background.

Left Arrow – Move left
Right Arraw – Move right
Up Arrow – Jump
Space – Throw stones
Apple Key/Ctrl Key – Show tiles (exp.)

You have three lives and for each live you have a couple of Health Points… So, it should not be that difficult….

Please enjoy


In 2006 I was working on some projects, which required certain abilities you often see in tile engines. And, next to the fact, that I thought that programming would be really cool in ActionScript, I decided to go for it and programmed an event driven tile engine. After that, the tile engine was reused in couple of other projects and more and more refined.

As the spring of 2007 came, I really wanted to try and see, whether this tile engine would be enough to actually program a game with it. And one or two weeks later I had this small, but playable small demo game finished. Actually one the most difficult parts of it, was the control. Even at this stage, the control is quite bad, sorry for that.

Also, moving on moving platforms and certain other subtle details, were kind of fun to figure out. I guess I will make a blog out of this…

Anyway, if you need any Flash or ActionScript Consultant let me know

Thanks, and have a nice day,

Christian-Manuel Butzke
Fruwe LimitedCEO